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Phil Jones

I’ve been writing short stories since I met Cheryl (of dean writer's circle) in the woods. We were both walking our dogs and we struck up a conversation. Cheryl invited me along to Dean Writers Circle where I got the writing bug. I’ve had a couple of tales published in anthologies and I won an international competition organised by the publisher, Hammond House.

I have two grown up children and five grandchildren who have enjoyed or endured my instant “Little Green Man” stories for forty years. These stories, told before bedtime, sometimes involving neighbours’ or friends’ children, usually had the effect of winding the kids into a frenzy rather than making them sleepy. I suspect that I was not always popular with the parents.

I live in the Forest of Dean with my partner Sharon, a talented artist, and one day I’ll persuade her to illustrate one of my stories.

I enjoy writing, although I hesitate to call myself a writer. I hope you enjoy my stories and I thank Bream Community Library for giving me the opportunity “put them out there.”

Phil'S story

Quiet Resilience

Written and read by phil 



Phil's Story "Quiet Resilience" can be found in the anthology produced by the Dean Writers Circle in 2020

For more information on the anthology, and to purchase a copy, visit