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Lydney Harbour

From Roman times through the industrial revolution and well into the 20th century Lydney Harbour has been a cornerstone of the River Severn's heritage. There is a pdf guide for you to download for a pleasant and easy walk around the docks

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Darkhill Iron Works

First built by David Mushet in 1811 where he carried out experiments in iron making including experiments with the Bessemer process. His son, Robert, built the Titanic Steelworks on the same site and used the foundry to experiment in steel making in large quantities. He made the first steel alloys and the first steel railway line.

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Hopewell Colliery

Hopewell Colliery is the centre for freemining. It celebrates the past, present and future of this unique way of life in the Forest of Dean. You can book an underground tour of the mine if you wish.


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Heritage Sites in the Forest of Dean

There are many small heritage sites scattered across the Forest.

The Forest of Dean Local History Society have catalogued them.

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